Have a nostalgia funny car and love big burnouts?dry hops?side-by-side racing?


First submit a brief racing history and pictures of the car, trailer & tow vehicle you will use.

At this time, you will need to personally discuss your intentions with the director of the group. You will discuss the rules so there is no confusion on what the GLNFCC expects out of the members.

Once your car is completed and you have obtained the proper license and certifications, you will need to get out and get seat time in the car. This allows you and crew to get acclimated to the car and get a routine developed. This step is always extremely important as you and the crew need to be on the same page. This process could take most of the first year, but once you are able to make a string of runs within 10 % of the index and have been observed by a GLNFCC member you can move up to become an Associate Member.


Once you are an associate member you will be eligible to attend GLNFCC events to run at the end of our programs so you can display your race team. You will also be eligible to be a fill in when you are at these events. As you show advancement you can and may be used to fill out events. This does not mean that you are automatically booked into events at the beginning of the year.

Once you have proven to the group that you understand the entertainment value and that being a GLNFCC member is privilege then at the next GLNFCC year end meeting you may have the opportunity to become a GLNFCC member.


At the beginning of the year the director puts together a spread sheet of events and starts to do  the bookings. The selection process is by performance and local. We like to keep the travel time down to about 6 hours; some events may require longer travels. Once you become a member you are now eligible to be booked at these shows. Now remember as a new member there is not a guaranteed number of events that you will get, some new members may have only received 1 or 2 in the first year where in some years new members may have receive 4 -5 bookings.

2019 GLNFCC Rules

1980 or older funny car bodies only. If the body does not fit these requirements it must be submitted for a review and vote by current members.

Dual Chutes mandatory on blown cars.

Full side windows prohibited. Quarter windows only. (Vent Window)

Screw type blowers or turbochargers are prohibited.

No Big & Ugly type injectors. Bird, Bug, Barn door or 4 & 8 Port injectors only.

Single fuel pump.

Mallory or Vertex points type magneto preferred. MSD 12 ,20 and 44 is also accepted. NO MSD Power Grid.

No electronics such as throttle stops, delay boxes, MSD Power Grid or any other performance altering device that is not directly operated by the driver. Fuel, clutch management or devices that change timing are also prohibited. Air or electric shifters and launch controllers permitted. Computers/Data Loggers are permitted for data recording only.

Driver & Car must be certified to NHRA Advanced E.T. specifications. It is also recommended to get the equivalent IHRA certifications. Driver & crew should be a member of both NHRA & IHRA sanctioning bodies in order to be covered under each group’s insurance.

Safety equipment must be certified and maintained according to sanctioning body rules.

No work can be done under any car or when started in the pits unless the car is supported by jack stands. There must also be an occupant in the driver’s seat when the vehicle is started at any time.

There is a 6.90 E.T. Index.

All cars are expected to run in the 7.00 – 7.50 E.T. range.

Dues should be paid by the first of the year, if not they will be withheld from your first pay. Check with the director for the up to date dues amount.

Cars will be paid on a per run basis. If you do a burnout and break you will get half pay. There may be a situation that requires the driver to shut down the car; pay will be adjusted to those circumstances.

Teams participating in The GLNFCC are required to have hero cards and matching crew shirts. Teams are always required to look and act professional.

All teams are expected to be ready by mid-April and cars tested before your first scheduled event. Understood that given the spring weather where most of us are located can be a challenge.

All drivers must give a one week notice if they will not be able to attend a scheduled event due to breakage, etc. It is very important to have a commitment to the group for scheduled events and future growth of the group. All racers should do their best to keep their equipment maintained and show ready at all times.

The GLNFCC show is all about entertaining the spectator. Drivers are expected to put the show first, I.E. side by side burnouts, short dry hops, short burst over the starting line, backing up together and staging in a prompt manner. If there is any doubt of making a successful pass do not take the run and risk causing down time for the track.