Restoration Reunion & Legends at the Park

Restoration Reunion & Legends at the Park

April 27th (Dinwiddie, VA) – Once again mother nature decided that most of the country needed rain and it was a very wet spring so far. The week before the Restoration Reunion was no exception. The test & tune was scrummed Friday night for that very reason. Talking with Rick Lindner race director, he said they had not had a race since March 30th.

Well the drag racing gods were ready to see some racing. The sun came out on time and it was a warm and sunny all day, except for some strong breezes at times it was a perfect day for a drag race.

This event has had some up’s and downs over the years, but it looks like it is starting to catch on. Spectator attendance was good, and it was said that they had double the car count. The participants came from all over. The pits were full of pre 70’s beauties.

The show part of this show was full of excitement also. Along with six GLNFCC funny cars there were Nostalgia Pro Stocks, Slingshots and two old school Fuel Altereds, Rat Trap & Rat Poison.

Just before the Pro cars were to take the strip, an electronic glitch surfaced and it was some time before they got the timing system operational, and that included bringing in the back up Christmas Tree.

This worked in the Sweetman Brothers favor as they were trashing to get their car ready, due to some last-minute adjustments. They have set aside their historic Citation body for this year and are campaigning a Mustang II Frantic Ford body in honor of Dodger Glenn and 50 Years of Racing.

Well finally around 3:30 the show was on. The two-fuel altered were first up and they did not disappoint, well maybe they did for some as they made two great side by side runs that put them in the 200’s and went straight down the track. Usually these short wheelbase monsters are all over the strip.

First out for the GLNFCC was the Total Insanity Monza driven by Chris Massarella taking on John Cerchio in the Warpath Somerset. It was a long winter and these two were out to put on a show for the crowd, two nice long burnouts. The Monza was out first and finished with a 7.08 while John made up for a bad light by running a 6.78.

Next pair was some unfinished business from last year when the GLNFCC was a part of the Menards Super Chevy event. The final paired the Pol Cal Corvette against the Generation X Corvette but the Pol; Cal car was shut off due to a fuel leak, so we gave them another opportunity. The little small block in the Pol Cal car sure sounded like it had some work done over the winter as is sounded meaner than ever. Robin Stambaugh in the Generation X Corvette was not backing down as she came out with a half track burnout that her father Rick (The Surf) Stambaugh would have been proud of. Johnny K in the Pol Cal car was out first and avenged his loss last year with a 7.13 to a 7.18 win.

Last pair was a flash back as the Fireball Monza driven by Jon Wall took on the Frantic Ford Mustang II driven by Drew Sweetman. You could have seen this pair anywhere back in the 70’s.

The Sweetman’s did have some issues and it was a fight for them to be a part of this event, so to see both cars doing killer burnouts together was a treat. Jon was out first and took an easy win with a 6.666. The Frantic Ford made a good first past with a 7.70 but that was not all, Drew figured the first past should be memorable and he hit a timing cone with the virgin body, mind as well get the first bump out of the way.

After many rounds of racing it was time for the Pro Cars to come out one last time. Again, the Fuel Altereds were first and they did put on a great round, this time they did move around a little bit.

It was time for the Frantic Ford Mustang II to make amends from the first past, again there was a trash in the pits as they hade some rocker arm issues. The Ford was taking on the Generation X Corvette. These two families have been at it since the 70’s. Drew was out first, but Robin was going to make this a race and past the Ford just before the strip taking the win with a 6.82 to Drews impressive 6.91.

Next up the Fireball Monza was out against the Warpath Somerset. Jon was again on point on the tree with a .055 R.T. John tried to catch the Monza, but he just did not have enough to catch the Monza. Jon ran another 6.664/204 to the Somerset’s 6.80/195.

It was time for the finals and once again the Pol-Cal Corvette was there, going against the Total Insanity Monza. Both cars appeared to be set on kill and did long smoky burnouts and the Monza then did a couple of old style dry hops. Johnny K. knew that he had to get out first on the Monza, so he gave it a shot and unfortunately turned on a red light, to save some face he did still cross the finish line first with a very close 7.073 to Chris’s 7.076.

The Total Insanity Takes the win and the Peak Products Trophy

The S & W Runner Up Contingency goes to the Pol – Cal Team.

The Good Vibrations Motorsports Reaction Time Award goes to Jon Wall in the Fireball Monza.

V.M.P. awarded a closest to Index Trophy which went to the Underdog Frantic Ford team.

Once again, we like to thank the Virginia Motorsports family for letting us be a part of such a great event and to perform on such a grand stage as V.M.P. If you have not been to this track you owe it to yourself to check it out. You will not be disappointed. This is one top notch track, not only do they drag race, they have all types of events here, any where from NTPA Tractor Pulls to local Festivals.

All the GLNFCC’S great sponsors are once again on board and we would like to thank them all for their continued support. Peak Products, S & W Race Cars, Good Vibration Motorsports, Classy Carts and Blue Def Products.

Next stop for the GLNFCC is the Annual Quaker City Motorsports Nostalgia Classic. There will be slingshots, gassers, stick shifter and more, plus the GLNFCC will have 6 heavy hitters there to entertain the crowd.

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