PID/Keystone Nostalgia Classic

PID/Keystone Nostalgia Classic

Sept 29th & 30th 2018 (New Alexandria, PA) – Once again Greg Miller and his staff put together another Classic that really allows you to step back into time. Beyond the many classes of period correct race cars there were several old & restored race cars on display.

The day was filled with racing; about late afternoon it was time to start the exhibition classes. The GLNFCC had six funny cars on the ground this year. First out was the small block powered Pol Cal Corvette taking on the Solid Rock Mustang. Rocky & the Mustang got out first but Johnny K made it a battle as he crossed the finish line just behind Rocky with a 7.15 to Rocky’s 7.16.

Next up was the Nitroflier II Omni taking on the Gold Coast Charger. The Horvath’s had been putting more attention to their new car this year and this was the first outing for the Charger in 2018. Well the old girl still has it as Mark clicked off a 7.16 to Bill’s 7.58.

The last pair pitted the Quarter Pounder Trans Am against the Crazy Bear Vega. Both cars seem to fight their way down the quarter mile with the Trans Am taking the win.

The next round of funny cars came out around 8:00, the sun had gone down and the air was getting much cooler. The Solid Rock Mustang was up against the Quarter Pounder Trans Am. The Mustang was out of the groove from the start and Rocky had a fight all the way. Somehow Kevin managed to get some control of the Trans Am and just squeaked out a win.

The Crazy Bear Vega took on the Nitroflier II. It sure seem like the track lost some traction as the Vega got sideways and idled down the track with the Omni taking a not so pretty win.
Last pair was the Pol Cal Corvette and the Gold Coast Charger. Both cars came out with two good burnouts. The Charger hooked right off the start and ran a great 7.12 with the Corvette way behind.

Well Sunday afternoon came along and after several track clean up’s it was time for the final round of funny cars. The Solid Rock Mustang was up against the Crazy Bear Vega. Rocky did one of his signature burnouts with the Vega doing a not so characteristic bad burn out, it appeared that the Vega was having a power issue. The Mustang turned on the light first with a 7.63 against Bob’s 9.64.

Second pair pitted the Quarter Pounder Trans Am against the Nitroflier II Omni. Kevin seem to have the Trans Am back on track as he ran his best run so far with a 7.60 but Bill was way out front with a 6.77.

So it was time for the final pair which pitted the two quickest cars from Saturday’s runs. That was the Gold Coast Charger with a 7.12 taking on the Pol Cal Corvette with a 7.15. This was a great race but it seem to be a hole shot win as Mark was out first and this gave him the advantage, but it was a good close race down the quarter mile with the Charger crossing with a 7.22 and the Corvette right behind with a 7.28.

We have raced at this event for almost 10 years now and it still seems to get bigger and better every year. The place was packed on Saturday. Of course, many of them came to see the main attraction Big Daddy Don Garlits. So, if you’re not busy in 2019 when this event rolls into Keystone Raceway Park you need to check it out.

The Peak Trophy Winner was the Gold Coast Charger Team.

The S & W Performance Group contingency awards go to Gold Coast Charger (Winner) and Pol Cal (Runner Up).

The Good Vibrations Motorsports Reaction Time Award goes to Kevin Johnson in the Quarter Pounder.

Thanks to all of our sponsors that help keep this group going: S & W Performance group, Blue Def, Good Vibrations Motorsports and Peak Products.

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