Nostalgia Mania at Muncie Dragway

Nostalgia Mania at Muncie Dragway

Saturday, June 8th 2019: The management of Muncie Dragway decided to have several more special events for 2019. Nostalgia Mania was the first one up.

They were to have a regular day of brackets plus Gasser’s, Nostalgia Pro Stock and 6 GLNFCC Funny Cars.

This day was typical of many days this spring and it was forecasted to rain. Luckily the show went on with just a few short down times due to light rain.

The Nostalgia Pro Stock group was hit by the mechanical gremlins and did not have as many cars as they had planned. The GLNFCC was short a car due to the same issue.

After the Pro Stock cars ran it was time for the funny cars. First pair was the Tremor Trans Am driven by Dana Kleinhofer pairing up against the Solid Rock Mustang driven by Rocky Ausec. This was the first GLNFCC race for the Tremor out of IL. This was a matchup of the big cubic inch Chevy against the bigger Hemi. Rocky was out first on the Trans Am and it was enough to squeak out the win with a 7.45 to a 7.44

Next up was the Chasin My Childhood Duster driven by Mike Kurz taking on Mark Horvath in Kay’s Mopar Missile Challenger. The Duster could not get the car to back up so he just drove it off the track giving the Challenger a single.

Last car out was the Nitro Flier II Omni driven by Bill Walls. Bill took off hard and just about half track the car started to move toward the center line. With no warning the car turn hard and Bill hit a timing cone which later revealed did some damage to the underside of the car and he could not return for the second round.

Second round pitted the Challenger against the Duster one more time, Mike repair the backing up issue which was an electrical issue with the Trans brake. The Missile was out first and ran a 7.36/190 while the Duster seemed to have some fuel issues and finished with a 9.43.

The final was next pitting the Solid Rock against the Tremor. They both came out with great burnouts and the Tremor sounded a little meaner than the first pass. Rocky did what he needed to do and get off the line first. This time it was not to be as the tremor turned on the lights with a 7.29/195 to Rocky’s 7.68/177.

So in his first event Dana and his Family take home the Peak Products Trophy.

S & W Contingency winners were Tremor (Winner) Solid Rock (Runner Up)

Good Vibrations Motorsport Reaction Time Award went to Dana Kleinhofer.

We really enjoyed our first event ay Muncie and will be back with four cars for their Night Of Fire race on August 3rd.

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