War Path

War Path

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Specs & Info

  • 1985 Buick Somerset Regal with 572" billet big block chevy by Lou B of LRB Performance Machine. Pro-Start Chassis (by Kurt).
  • The body on this car was bought new by John in 1989. The paint is by Circus Custom paint and Jesse LeJune of Farmingdale, NJ Lettering and graphics by Glen with the design by Larry Williams.
  • Best ET:  6.71 sec     Best MPH:  208 mph

Driver & Crew

  • Owner:  John Cerchio
  • Driver:  John Cerchio
  • Crew Chief: Joe Alexander
  • Crew: Patty Stiso, Lou LaFerraraSr., Lou LaFerrara Jr., Frank Martinez, Chris Cerchio

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  • Location:

    Point Pleasant, NJ