Streaker’s Ride

Streaker’s Ride

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Specs & Info

  • Streaker’s Ride base is a Gordys Chassis underneath a 1969 Camaro Z-28 body.
  • It's powered by a 526 Keith Black Hemi with Mydette Heads and a Littlefield blower kept lit using a Mallory Ignition.
  • The Three Speed Transmission is mated to a 9-Inch Ford Rear End with a Boninfante Clutch.
  • Centerline Wheels wrapped with Hoosier Tires make Streaker's Ride roll down the track.
  • Best ET:  sec     Best MPH:  mph

Driver & Crew

  • Owner:  Ron Ooms
  • Driver:  Ron Ooms
  • Crew Chief:  Bob Piunti
  • Asst. Crew Chief: Ken Ewing
  • Crew:  Mike Margis

Team Location

  • DeMotte, IN


Member Details

  • Location:

    DeMotte, IN