Kay’s Mopar Missile

Kay’s Mopar Missile

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Specs & Info

  • Kay's Mopar Missile is a 1979 Dodge Challenger body on a 125 inch chassis.
  • Providing the thunder is a Keith Black 426 Hemi Engine with a 2-speed powerglide transmission.
  • Best ET:  TBA sec     Best MPH:  TBA mph

Driver & Crew

  • Owner:  Chuck Horvath
  • Driver:  Mark Horvath
  • Crew Chief:  Brad Horvath
  • Crew:  Chuck Horvath, Anthony Horvath, Nicole Horvath, Tom (Chops) Wetter, Ryan (Junior) Hemenway

Team Location

  • Niles, MI

Special Thanks

  • Shaker Performance
  • Jim's Sales and Service

Member Details

  • Location:

    Niles, MI