Mopar Crazy

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Specs & Info

  • John Troxel's Mopar Crazy uses a 1971 Challenger body on a Logghe chassis.
  • Powered by a 417 cubic inch Hemi Donovan hooked to a 727 Torque Flite Automatic Transmission.
  • Best ET:  7.88 sec     Best MPH:  172 mph


  • This car was run by Della Woods as the Funny Honey in the early 70's.

Driver & Crew

  • Owner:  John Troxel
  • Driver:  Chris Schneider
  • Crew Chief:  John Troxel
  • Tuner & Advisor: Roland Leong
  • Crew:  John Troxel, Justin Craig, Susan Troxel, Becky Schneider, Noah Summers, Randy Hentges

Team Location

  • Holts Summit, MO

Special Thanks

  • Victory Performance Parts Driveline Components