Frantic Ford

Frantic Ford

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Specs & Info

  • The Frantic Ford is a Funny Farm Fabrication '79 Mustang II body on a 125 inch wheelbase S & W chassis.  The power plant is a Keith Black 526 Hemi combined with a Lenco 3-speed with a Hays triple disc clutch.
  • Best ET:  6.85 sec     Best MPH:  204 mph


  • This year the team put the old Citation body up for the year while they are campaigning the Frantic Ford body, as a tribute to their old friend Dodger Glenn the late driver of this famed car in the late 70's.  The chassis under this car is the same one that has been under the Citation since when it was built back in the early 80’s at S&W Race Cars in Spring City, PA.

Driver & Crew

  • Owner:  Henry Sweetman
  • Driver:  Drew Sweetman
  • Crew Chief:  Dannie Sweetman
  • Crew: Tony Facenda & Willie Stull


  • D&M Diesel Repair


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  • Location:

    Elkton, MD