Fireball Monza

Fireball Monza

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Specs & Info

  • The Fireball Monza is a Chevrolet Monza body on a 116 inch Logghe Stamping chassis.
  • Providing the thunder is a 511” Big Block Chevy with a 3-speed Lencodrive transmission.
  • Best ET:  6.49 sec     Best MPH:  210 mph

Driver & Crew

  • Owner:  Jon Wall
  • Driver:  Jon Wall
  • Crew Chief:  Steve Buckley
  • Crew:  Bob Wall, Dave Pedretti

Special Thanks

  • Camco Racing Engines
  • Tube Chassis Designz
  • ZMS

Special Notes

  • 2016 Funny Car Nationals Winner


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    Halifax, MA