Chasin’ My Childhood

Chasin’ My Childhood

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Specs & Info

  • Chasin' My Childhood II is a 1972 Plymouth Duster.  Car was found in Wisconsin and was built by R&B Race Cars.  The car is powered by the classic 528ci hemi with a 2-speed powerglide transmission.
  • The car was built for a car club in Wisconsin and that is where the history stops.  Will Trower and Mike Kurz ran the car for a while with a 392 hemi.  Will sold the car to Mike and now he runs it with Damon Kuhn.
  • Best ET:  7.40 sec     Best MPH:  192 mph

Driver & Crew

  • Owner: Mike Kurz
  • Driver: Mike Kurz
  • Crew Chief: Rex Stevens
  • Crew: Cole Stevens, Damon Kuhn

Members Details

  • Location:

    Franklin, MO