D’arcy Chevrolet Route 66 Classic

D’arcy Chevrolet Route 66 Classic

August 18th 2018 (Joliet, IL) – The Route 66 Classic has been around for well over 6 years. The Route 66 management works hard to come up with new ideas that make the event better each year. They had a huge car show, bands, pin up girl contest and more. Plus a lot of action packed racing all day.

The main draw this year was a combination of Nitro Dragsters, Nitro Funny Cars, GLNFCC, Nostalgia Pro Stock, NDRL, Nostalgia Super Stock, Gassers plus a cackle fest that was on track in the evening hour.

The First session started out with the nitro coupes then the GLNFCC came out with 4 cars. The first pair was the Streaker’s Ride Camaro driven by Ron Ooms up against the local favorite Rocky Ausec driving the Solid Rock Mustang. The Solid Rock pit was a little tense earlier in the day as they found out after the warm up, they had a bad oil pump. Various people helped tear the engine apart while Rocky ran home to get another oil pump.

Ron came out with a good burnout but of course Rocky had to show off in front of the hometown crowd. At the launch is appeared that there was a problem with the Mustangs transmission as it shuddered then left real slow only turning a 13.78 ET. The Camaro laid down a stout solid run with a 6.94 at 184.07.

Next pair was the Kay’s Mopar Missile driven by Mark Horvath against the Brutus Mustang driven by Chris Schneider. Both cars are fairly green for this season but they seem to be sneaking up on the tune-up. Chris moved first with a .038 light but could not stay in front of the storming Challenger. The Mustang turned a 7.61/166.62 to Marks 7.03/199.32.

It was time to put an end to the show and we were the first cars out this session, again the Solid Rock was taking on the Streaker’s Ride. Rocky had diagnosed that he had lost first gear in his transmission so he decided to do a high gear run. The Camaro moved first and appeared to be way in front of the Mustang when the car seemed to get a little sideways, Ron was forced to reel it back a bit. It seem like the Mustang was gaining on him when the Mustang headed toward the center line and Rocky was forced to shut of early.

Last pair was the Kay’s Mopar Missile against the Brutus Mustang. The sun had set and the track was obviously losing some of its grip. Chris was out on Mark and held on to about half track with the Challenger taking the win with a 7.10/181.5 to an improving 7.54/165.56 for the Mustang.

The Peak Products Trophy winner was Kay’s Mopar Missile.

Good Vibrations Motorsports Reaction Time Award went to Ron Ooms with an impressive .033 in a clutch car.

S & W Race Products Contingency Award went to Kay’s Mopar Missile (Winner) and Brutus Mustang (Runner Up).

Thanks to our sponsors, Peak Products, S & W Race Products Good Vibration Motorsports and Blue Def.

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