2019 Legends At Budd’s Creek

2019 Legends At Budd’s Creek

September 7th (Mechanicsville, MD) – The Legends at Budd’s Creek event has been a regular on the MIR schedule for ten years. Unfortunately, last year’s event was canceled due to bad weather. This year’s event was welcomed with lots of sunshine and a very pleasant day.

The track opened at 8:00 and there was already a line of nostalgia cars pouring in with anticipation of a fun day of racing the way it was back before stutter boxes and other hi dollar electronics.

Eight cars from the GLNFCC were on hand to compete in a Chicago style Funny Car Shootout. First up was the Generation X Corvette driven by Robin Stambaugh going up against the Pol Cal Corvette driven by John Kwasniewski.  John was out first but Robin was able to drive around him with a 7.15/194.

Next pair was the Total Insanity Monza driven by Chris Massarella taking on Bob Toth in the Time Bomb Vega. Both cars came out with killer burnouts which got the fans excited. This was a great race with the Time Bomb running a 6.89 to Chris’s 6.95. Unfortunately, the GLNFCC qualifies on a 6.90 index and that put the Time Bomb on the outside for the time being.

Next up all the way from Massachusetts was Jon Wall in the Fireball Monza taking on John Cerchio in the Warpath Somerset. The Monza was out first and clicked off an impressive 6.87/205 to the Somerset’s 7.09/198.

Last up was the Frantic Ford Mustang II being campaigned by the Sweetman Family this year in conjunction with Bobby Frey at Loud Pedal Marketing. They were taking on the always tough Nitro Flier II Omni driven by Bill Walls. Drew was out first and turned a 7.10/192. But the eyes were on the starting line as the Omni hooked hard and pulled the front end with the car coming down hard, it was later revealed that the front axle was bent during this mishap and the Omni was done for the day.

After the GLNFCC cars there was a run by Bunny & The Boys. As usual Matt Stambaugh did a full track smoky burn out and then topped it off with a 6.11 E.T.

Time for second round funnies. The Time Bomb was up against the Generation X, both cars were off with similar reaction times, the Vega crossed the stripe at 6.905 putting them in the #1 qualifying spot. The Corvette slowed to an 8.01, once in the pits they found the reason. Some internal parts had exited the block rendering it done.

Next up was the Frantic Ford against the Warpath. Drew hammered the tree on John with a .138 and clicked the timers at 6.84/204 this was a personal best E.T. for the Sweetman’s. John was not to be denied as he clicked off a nice straight 6.89/199 pass.

Third pair was Total Insanity against the Pol Cal Corvette. John knew he had to get the jump on the Monza, and he did with a .015 R.T. the win was to be denied as Chris put the car in the finals against the Time Bomb with a 6.94/196. 

Bunny and The Boys was up one last time. We did not want to have two single runs so track management pitted Jon Walls and the Fireball Monza up against them. Jon knew he was overpowered against the big Hemi so he did everything he could to get Matt off the line, the Monza gave John all he could handle as the car used up all the lane on this run giving the spectators a show. Matt did take the win clicking off another impressive low 6 second run 6.20/225.

As the day was ending it was time for the Funny Car final, pitting the Time Bomb Vega (6.90) up against the Total Insanity Monza (6.94).  Both cars came out with hard burnouts giving the spectators one last show. Chris knew he had to be out first to try to push the Vega below the index and it worked. The Time Bomb ran a 6.69/181 with the Monza having traction issues and slowing to a winning 7.22.194.

The Peak Trophy was awarded to the Total Insanity for the win.

The S & W contingency award went to Total Insanity (Winner) & Time Bomb (Runner Up)

The Good Vibrations Motorsports Reaction Time Award went to John Kwasniewski in the Pol Cal Corvette with a .015 R.T.

This was the first time the GLNFCC has been to MIR. Royce Miller and crew run a Top-Notch facility. Don’t believe me have the wife/girlfriend check out the restrooms, she will be impressed. Thanks again for making the GLNFCC a part of the Legends at Budd’s Creek. We sure hope to get back to MIR next year.

Thank you to all our great sponsors that help support us throughout the year. Peak Products, S & W Race Cars, Good Vibration Motorsports and Blue Def.

We have three events remaining on the 2019 schedule please check us out one last time this year.

September 22 Funny Car Frenzy at ATCO Dragway.

September 28th. Menards Super Chevy Show. Bristol Dragway.

September 28th. & 29th. PID/Keystone Nostalgic Classic Keystone Raceway Park.

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