Rules & Guidelines

To become a member of The GLNFCC you must first follow these guidelines:

  1. Read all of the rules below and confirm that your car and body choice fit into the rules put together by the members. Submit the application including photos or renderings of the car and your racing experience to the director. PLEASE NOTE: If the body does not fit the preset rules it will be sent out for a vote by the current members.

  2. The racer must complete the car and get familiarized with running the car and the crew. We must stress that we are out to put on a show and it is extremely important that all participants are confident in their equipment and crew. We cannot stress enough that there is NO substitute for SEAT TIME.

  3. The racer is recommended to attend GLNFCC match races to get seat time and get more familiarized with how our shows are ran. After the racer has made several successful 7.50 runs they may be used for fill-ins, as necessary.

  4. At our yearly meeting we will then discuss who we feel should be accepted as new members.


The rules below are the basis and not complete. Please email the GLNFCC director for the complete list of rules and conducts.

Funny car bodies only and must be 1980 or older.

Dual chutes mandatory on blown cars.

Driver & Car must be certified to NHRA Advanced E.T. specification. It is also recommended to get the equivalent IHRA certifications. Drivers & crew should be a member of both NHRA & IHRA sanctioning bodies in order to be covered under each group's insurance.

Screw type blowers or turbochargers are prohibited.

100% Methanol fuel only. No Nitro is allowed.

No electronics such as throttle stops, delay boxes, MSD Power Grids or any other performance altering device that is not directly operated by the driver. Fuel, clutch management or devices that change timing are also prohibited. Launch controllers, air or electric shifters permitted. Data loggers permitted for data recording only.

Single fuel pump.

Mallory or Vertex point’s type’s magneto preferred. MSD 12 or 20 is also accepted. NO MSD 44 or Power Grid.

There is a 7.00 E.T. cap.

All cars are expected to run in the 7.50 - 7.00 range.

Teams participating in The GLNFCC should have hero cards and matching crew shirts. Teams are also required to look and act professional at all times.

The GLNFCC show is all about entertaining the spectator. Drivers are expected to put the show first, i.e. side-by-side burnouts, short dry hops backing up together etc.

All racers should do their best to keep their operations maintained and show ready at all times.

Rules updated on March 31, 2014