The Funny Cars

  • Blue Thunder '69 Camaro

    A thundering supercharged, big block Chevy stuffed into a classic Camaro dipped in blue. One mean pony car.

  • Chasin' My Childhood '72 Duster

    Chasin' My Childhood does so with a 426 hemi and a powerglide in an original '72 Plymouth Duster.

  • Damn Yankee '74 Vega

    One mean yankee and a hard-charger in the quarter. '74 Vega with a blown Hemi is in the winner circle often.

  • Detroit Thunder '55 Thunderbird

    Motor City is represented with the Detroit Thunder '55' T-bird a nostalgia favorite and a hard runner.

  • Funny Farmer '72 Pinto

    From the greater Philadelphia area, the Funny Farmer a 1972 Pinto is a work horse keeping the competition honest.

  • Gold Coast Charger '77 Cordoba

    The Cordoba gets its proper due when pounding the quarter mile. No rich, corinthian leather in this beast.

  • Mopar Crazy '71 Challenger

    Nothing says muscle car like a '71 Dodge Challenger especially one with a blown Donovan right out of the 70s.

  • Nimrod '71 Mustang

    Another Ford in the group hunting down all of those Mopar and Chevy floppers. Look out for Nimrod!

  • Overload '77 Arrow

    A strong funny car called Overload will grab your attention very quickly and overload your senses.

  • Pol-Cal Racing '78 Corvette

    The Pol-Cal Racing Corvette rocks the competitors with their powerful Small Block Chevy and sleek curves.

  • Quarter Pounder '79 Firebird

    New this season and hoping to pound the quarter mile with the competition is the Quarter Pounder '79 Firebird.

  • Red Barn '71 Cuda

    Red Barn Cuda is a re-creation from the glory days of funny car match racing in the mid-west.

  • Roadshow '69 Camaro

    This '69 Camaro puts smiles on faces with its big burnouts and quick ETs. Fast and loud.

  • Shyster '78 Corvette

    This re-creation is straight out of the late '70s and goes straight down the track into the winners circle.

  • Solid Rock '71 Mustang

    One of the mid-west greats from the 70's is still doing it and keeping the young guys in his rearview.

  • Stranglehold '72 Vega

    This period-perfect Vega is the second car out of the Funny Farm and always thrills the crowd with great runs.

  • Streakers Ride '69 Camaro

    Streakers Ride is white lightning and pure thunder on the strip. This is one team to never count out.

  • Sweetman Brothers '80 Citation

    Henry Sweetman & the boys match raced the car in the mid 80's and continue today with the GLNFCC.

  • Total Insanity '77 Monza

    A cornerstone of the GLNFCC bringing big smokey burnouts and dry-hops Total Insanity never ceases to please.

  • War Path '85 Regal

    The Buick Somerset Regal with 572" billet big block chevy blowing minds with its looks and performance.